Infused Oils

Our all-natural, slow infusion process always begins with real herbs and spices.  Handled with care, the various herbs are chopped and placed in small batches of olive oil to infuse.  This process can take as many as eight weeks, when each small batch is taste-tested to ensure quality and consistency.

Fine Vinegars

Boyajian Fine Vinegars are created using only the highest quality ingredients, delivering a uniquely flavorful profile. Our fruit vinegars are made only from real fruit, while our Maple Vinegar is made with real New England maple syrup. We never use any added flavor, color, or sugar. Boyajian vinegars, like all Boyajian products, are made in small batches to always maintain our signature quality.

Our Process Vinegars6
Our Process Dipping 2

Dipping Oils

We source premium quality herbs and combine them with 100% pure olive & extra-virgin olive oils.  We’ve created just the right ratio of herbs to oil, to be enjoyed alongside your favorite crusty bread.

Natural Flavors & Extracts

Boyajian All-Natural Flavors and Extracts are guaranteed to be free of artificial ingredients.  Our flavors and extracts are always derived from 100% all-natural sources.  This translates into very true-to-life flavors, that are perfect for all types of pastry, baking, ice cream making and chocolate.

Our Process Natural Flavors 2
Our Process Citrus Final

Pure Citrus Oils

Our Pure Citrus Oils begin with fresh lemons, limes, and oranges. The rind of the fruit is cold-pressed, resulting in 100% pure citrus oil. Our citrus oils will never contain water, alcohol, or any other additives. The finished product is a potent and robust oil, with remarkable flavor and aroma.